Changing the Shortcut Icon to GodSpeed Logo or other

15 February 2000

This is to explain how to change the GodSpeed "MSDOS" Icon to another icon such as the Bible, lightning bolt, or GodSpeed logo. You should have Disk #3 of 3 ready to insert into drive A, or use your computer's Find command to see if GODSPEED.ICO or BOOK.ICO or BIBLE.ICO can be found.

Run "Windows Explorer". Usually you may right-click on the "Start" button, or press Ctrl-Esc, select Programs, Windows Explorer. Once running, you may navigate all the directories (folders) in your system. Press Backspace until the C: drive folders are visible. Navigate to Bible using Up/Down arrows or click on slider control with mouse. Double click the Bible folder. Select the BGS.EXE icon, click the right mouse button, which should give the "Create Shortcut" option. Otherwise use File, Create Shortcut. This creates a "Shortcut to Bgs.exe" in the folder at the bottom (temporarily) of the list. Now right-click on the shortcut, select Rename, and type in the name you would like on the Desktop or in the Start menu, example: "KJV GodSpeed" or "Hebrew-Greek" (if you are creating a shortcut to GH.BAT). Click on another icon nearby to complete the rename operation.

Click on the icon again, and hit Ctrl-X (or click on Edit, Cut). Backspace until you're back to all of drive C:, then navigate into Windows, then Start Menu, then Programs. You may want to create a new item for GodSpeed programs. Right-click the mouse into a clear space in the right hand half of the Explorer window, which should pop up a menu that includes "New ..." then select New. Select Folder. Name the folder GodSpeed or other suitable name. Now right-click then select Paste (or click Edit, Paste) . The shortcut appears. If you would like the icon on your desktop as well, click Edit, Copy. Close or minimize the Explorer, then select a location on the Desktop, then right-click, and select Paste. After you have installed the Hebrew Greek Extensions, similarly use Explorer to create a shortcut for the file GH.BAT.

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