[Ship Logo] Welcome to GodSpeed support files!

Old Support Files

Running on Newest Windows and Mac OS


Download these four files to get you going (they will automatically fetch DosBox):
Copy or move the bat files into the folder with your BIBLE (GodSpeed) files.
On Windows XP and older this was C:\BIBLE
On Windows 7 and 8 we suggest C:\Users\yourusername or C:\Users\Public

Please send us feedback about your success or specific error message(s).

Once Notifix and the BAT files are in your GodSpeed folder, double-click on any of the BAT files.

The first time, it will look for DosBox, and install if necessary.

If DosBox isn't present, it will load Internet Explorer to the downloads page.
If that didn't happen automatically, get it here

If the display is too small, you can load GsDosBox.conf into Notepad and try changing "windowresolution"

If you goof up the file, delete it, and the bat will make one with defaults

These files pause at the end of each DosBox session, so you can detect errors more easily.
You may change the Pause to empty quotes in each bat file to eliminate the pause.